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Individual Sponsorship

Thank you sponsors of the 2021 Conservation Celebration!

Shagbark Hickory

Don Eifert

David Keller and Nora Murdock

Jerry McAninch

Todd and Melinda Morse

Forrest and Janis Tutor

Scarlet Oak

Manfred and Christel Walter

River Birch

Wendi Amos

Bonnie Arbuckle

Pat and Eileen Cafferty

Mike and Debra Egan

Mary Ann Hailey

Annie Keck-Hall and Randy Hall

Greg and Janet Jennings

Carol and Mark McCall

Susan and Tom McHugh

Lee and Tom Mulligan

Bob and Babs Strickland 

Fred and Lauren Weed

Eastern Hemlock

Chris and Carole Bartol

Mark and Linda Byington

Chimney Rock Management, LLC

Gail and Amos Dawson III III

Steve and Marie King

Joe and Karen Narsavage 

Nancy and Larry Pellegrini

Carol Roberson and Richard Mills

Brian and Karen Scott

Kent and Gail Wilcox

Yellow Poplar

Glenda and Kareem Ar-Rushdi

Connie and Gib Backlund

Rebecca and Jay Barnes

Gretchen Batra

Nelson and Judy Chandler

William and Tammy Coleman

Liz and Don Dicey

Stratford Douglas and Jodie Jackson

Phil and Joan Feagan 

Anita Goetz

David Humphrey and Barbara Cliff

Lynn Killian

Margaret MacCary

Marney McClung and Ken Shelton

Nancy McClung and Brian Silva

Richard McHenry and Cindy Caldwell

Miriam McKinney

Betsy Miner

Mary Jo Padgett

Lynne Parsons

Miriam and Robert Pflug

Al and Barb Pung

Mark and Joani Robson

Miriam McKinney, Chair
Carole Bartol
Ericka Berg, Community Engagement Manager
Dibbit Lamb
Lynn Killian, Development Director 

Carol McCall 
Susan McHugh
JoAnne Merrill
Jenn Tutor, Donor Relations Manager

Conservation Celebration
Task Force Members