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Information for Event Attendees

Event Schedule:


                3:15 pm                Guided Hike (Details below)

                4:00 pm                Registration opens

                6:00 pm                Dinner lines open

                6:45 pm                Brief remarks

                7:15 pm                Trip raffle drawing

              7:30 pm                Bars close

                8:00 pm                Event closing


Directions:  Address: Caitlyn Farms286 A.R. Thompson Rd. Mill Spring, NC 28756. GPS should be reliable. There will be Conserving Carolina signs approaching the venue and leading you to parking.


Directions can be found by clicking here.

Parking:  Parking volunteers will direct you on arrival. Passenger drop-off will be available with limited handicap parking. Carpooling is encouraged. The walk from parking is just a few minutes, but please be prepared to walk on gravel, and possibly in the rain.


Attire: This is a casual event. Wear comfortable shoes for walking on uneven ground. It will likely be hot and humid, so comfortable layers with sun protection is highly recommended. 


Weather:  We will have the event, rain or shine.  The weather is unpredictable this time of year, so please bring your rain gear. Dining will be under a covered tent, but the path between parking and between event areas will be open to the elements.  It will likely be hot and humid with no AC. Check the weather forecast: 


Pre-Event Hike:  The optional pre-event nature walk will be led by Caitlyn Farm's Atley ElliottFarm Biologist/WMA Manager. To participate, please meet in the parking lot by 3:15 pm. Atley will describe sustainability practices around the farm. 


  • Meeting Location: Parking Lot

  • Time: 3:15 pm; 30-45 minutes

  • Difficulty: Easy - Moderate

  • Elevation Gain: Negligible with a few moderate hills

  • What to wear: Please wear hiking appropriate clothing and shoes. The Conservation Celebration is a casual event and hiking attire is fitting. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes if desired.

  • What to bring: Bring water. Snacks, sun protection, and a rain jacket are recommended.


Check-In: Please check in at the registration table upon arrival. You will receive 2 drink tickets and a name tag that has your assigned table number. If you lose your nametag at any point, please return to the registration table to get a replacement.


Event Ticket Purchase: The event is sold out and no day-of ticket purchases will be available. 


Raffle Tickets: Any remaining trip raffle tickets will be able for purchase at the Conserving Carolina merchandise table.  

Seating: All seating is assigned by table. Please be courteous when choosing your seats at your table. You may be sharing the table with other guests or sponsors, and you may need to scoot a seat over to accommodate groups. If you have any issues with your seating assignment, please visit the registration table. If you have not submitted seating requests or RSVP’d for your guests, please do so as soon as possible so we can ensure you are seated together.


Accessibility: Caitlyn Farms is wheelchair accessible with a designated guest drop-off area. Please contact us if you or your guests have any questions about accessibility. 


Drinks: Each attendee over 21 years old will receive tickets for 2 adult beverages at check-in. You may purchase more drink tickets at the Conserving Carolina gear table for $3.00 each. Cash only. Beer and wine will be available. Non-alcoholic beverages do not require a drink ticket.


Meal: Light appetizers will be available upon arrival. The buffet line for dinner will open at 6:00 pm. A limited vegetarian and vegan entrée will be available. Please notify volunteers at registration if you are a vegetarian or vegan.


Sustainability: Please help do your part to contribute to a sustainable event. All dinnerware (plates, cutlery, paper napkins, and cups) is compostable and should be put into the proper receptacle. Beer cans should be put into recycling. Carpooling is encouraged to reduce transportation emissions.

Photo Booth: Photographer, Jill Blanchard, will be offering a portrait photography booth at the event. You can ask her to take a photo of you individually or with you and your guests. Attendees will sign up using this link to register for the photo booth using their phone at the event. After photos are taken, attendees will receive a text message link to their photos and have the opportunity to purchase prints or digital downloads. Conserving Carolina will receive 72% of proceeds from these sales. Purchases can be made for 3 weeks following the event using the unique link shared in the text message. Jill and her husband will be available at the event to answer any questions.

Here are somethings to remember when registering for your photos:

  • Take a well lit "selfie" by yourself.

  • Provide either (or both) a valid email or mobile number.

  • When ordering, you will have the option to remove the event banner or keep it.

Live Painting: Artist Nancy Joyce will be live painting a piece of nature-themed art and speaking with attendees about her process during the event. This piece of art will be available for bid on the online silent auction that will be open the week of the celebration.

Online Auction: The online auction will be open for bidding Sunday, Aug. 20 through Sunday, Aug. 27 at 8:00 pm. Please visit for details. No auction items will be available at the Conservation Celebration event. However, we will have an informational table at the event should you have any questions or need assistance to participate in the auction.


Please note: Staff and volunteers will be out of reach Friday, Aug. 25, as we will be setting up for the event. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 828-697-5777 before Aug. 25.

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