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Information for Event Attendees

Event Schedule:


                3:15 pm                Guided Hike (Details below)

                4:00 pm                Registration opens

                6:00 pm                Dinner lines open

                6:45 pm                Brief remarks

                7:15 pm                Trip raffle drawing

                8:00 pm                Event closing


Directions:  Address: 2900 Green River Road, Zirconia, NC 28790. GPS should be reliable to the camp entrance. There will be Conserving Carolina signs approaching the venue and leading you to parking.


Please note that once you turn off the main road into the camp, the road will turn to a steep, one way, gravel road. This is a well-maintained road, and it is passable by sedan. If you are concerned about the drive, please carpool. It may take you 7-10 minutes to arrive at parking after you first enter the camp, so plan accordingly.  Directions can be found by clicking here.


Please do not arrive at the camp before 2:45 pm. There is a bike race taking place and the entrance will be closed to through traffic.


Parking:  Please follow Conserving Carolina directional signage once in the camp to get to parking areas. Parking volunteers will direct you on arrival.  Carpooling is highly encouraged due to limited parking. The later you arrive to the event, the more likely your parking location will be a further walk to the event space.


From parking, there will be a 5+ minute walk on a gravel walkway to the event space, including a full flight of stairs. There is very limited handicap parking. Passengers who are in need may be dropped off at the event site, but drivers will be asked to return to the standard parking lot.  


Please be prepared to walk on uneven ground, up a flight of stairs, and in the rain.


Attire: This is a casual event. Wear comfortable shoes for walking on uneven ground and show your pride by wearing your Conserving Carolina gear. Layers are recommended in the event of rain or cooler weather.


Weather:  We will have the event, rain, or shine.  The weather is unpredictable this time of year, so please bring your rain gear. Dining will be under a covered pavilion, but the path between parking and between event areas will be open to the elements.  It may be hot and sunny, but the camp is located at a higher elevation, and it could be cooler than lower elevations.


Pre- Event Hike:  The optional pre-event hike will be led by Yates Pharr, owner of Falling Creek Camp, and Torry Nergart, Conserving Carolina’s Conservation Easement Manager. You will take a loop hike through a historic apple orchard and arrive at a beautiful view of Green River Valley headwaters. To participate, please meet Yates and Torry in the parking lot before 3:15 pm.


  • Meeting Location: Parking Lot by McGrady Family Gym (follow Conserving Carolina directional signs)

  • Time: Meet at 3:00 pm and depart by 3:15 pm (Note: It will take about 7-10 minutes to reach the parking lot from the camp entrance)

  • Length: 1.5-2 miles total, ~1 hour and 15 minutes

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Elevation Gain: 250 feet

  • What to wear: Please wear hiking appropriate clothing and shoes. The Conservation Celebration is a casual event and hiking attire is fitting. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes if desired.

  • What to bring: Bring water. Snacks, sun protection, and a rain jacket are recommended.


Please do not arrive at the camp before 2:45 pm. The entrance will be closed until 2:45 pm for a bike race.  


Check-In: Please check in at the registration table upon arrival. You will receive a name tag that has your assigned table number. If you lose your nametag at any point, please return to the registration table to get a replacement.


Ticket Purchase (Sold Out): This event is sold out, and no tickets will be sold the day of the event. Please do not bring guests who are not registered as we will not have a seat to give them. If you are concerned about whether your guests are registered, you may verify by contacting Jenn Tutor at 828-697-5777 ext.209.


Raffle Tickets:  Trip raffle tickets are sold out.

Seating: All seating is assigned by table. Please be courteous when choosing your seats at your table. You may be sharing the table with other guests or sponsors, and you may need to scoot a seat over to accommodate groups. If you have any issues with your seating assignment, please visit the registration table. If you have not RSVP’d for your guests, please do so as soon as possible so we can ensure you are seated together.


Accessibility: Dining tables are located on a sunken floor and are accessed by 3-4 stair steps. If anyone in your party is unable to use stair steps, please contact Jenn Tutor at ASAP. We will have limited seating available at floor level (no steps).


Drinks: Each attendee will receive tickets for 2 adult beverages at check-in. You may purchase more drink tickets at the Conserving Carolina gear table for $3.00 each. Cash only.  Beer and wine will be available. Non-alcoholic beverages do not require a drink ticket.


Meal: Light appetizers will be available upon arrival. The buffet line for dinner will open at 6:00 pm. A limited vegetarian and vegan entrée will be available. Please notify volunteers at registration if you are a vegetarian or vegan.


Sustainability: Please help do your part to contribute to a sustainable event. All dinnerware (plates, cutlery, paper napkins, and cups) is compostable and should be put into the proper receptacle. Beer cans should be put into recycling. Linen dinner napkins can remain on tables and will be collected by volunteers at the end of the event. Carpooling is encouraged to reduce transportation emissions.


Online Auction: The online auction is open for bidding now through Sunday, Aug. 28 at 8:00 pm. Please visit for details. No auction items will be available at the Conservation Celebration event. However, we will have an informational table at the event should you have any questions or need assistance to participate in the auction.


Please note: Staff and volunteers will be out of reach this Friday, Aug. 26, as we will be setting up for the event. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 828-697-5777 before Friday.

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