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Nature Class

Future Fund Matching Gift 

Create a better future for nature.

Thanks to generous donors, Greg and Shannon McFayden, we have the opportunity to raise $25,000 to protect, restore, and inspire appreciation of the natural world. Will you help us rise to the challenge? Make a gift towards the Future Fund Matching Gift campaign today or at the Conservation Celebration event on Sept. 21st. 

Ways to Give:

  • Make a donation online
  • Print and mail in the sponsor form and cash or check to 847 Case St. Hendersonville, NC
  • Call Melissa Atherton at 828-697-5777 ext. 222


What is the Future Fund?


The Future Fund is our annual fund. We rely on donors like you to give every year to keep Conserving Carolina going in our three-part mission to protect, restore, and inspire appreciation of our natural world.




You can protect special places forever. Conserving Carolina has already helped protect over 49,000 acres, including some of this region’s most treasured public lands—like DuPont, Chimney Rock, Headwaters, and the Hickory Nut Gorge trail system. Protected private lands include farms, forests, rivers, and summer camps. But with such major challenges to our future, we need to do more to protect the places that sustain our lives with food, water, health, and beauty.




You can leave the natural world better than you found it. If you want to see nature making a comeback, visit one of our restoration projects. Along the upper French Broad River, we’re bringing back wetlands, sloughs, meadows, and riverside forests. The result is a resurgence of life. At our nature preserves, we’re tackling invasive plants like kudzu and nurturing this region’s outstanding biodiversity, so the future will be full of wildflowers, salamanders, birds, and other wild wonders.



You can connect more people with nature—inspiring them to give back. We Last year, Conserving Carolina had more community engagement events than there were days in the year. These events spanned festivals, nature walks, speaker series, volunteer days, field trips, youth programs, and more. We care deeply about connecting kids with nature, so the future will be guided by people who are passionate about protecting our natural world.

How Our Team Multiplies Your Donation

Your gift to Conserving Carolina supports everything we do—from hands-on work at conservation projects, to outreach in our community, to managing our organization.


Much of your annual donation supports our staff. Our highly skilled team does exceptional conservation work—and leverages your donation so we can do even more. We develop outstanding projects and apply for grants that, in an average year, will triple your donation. We build relationships with landowners who go on to show great generosity in conserving their land. And we invest in community outreach, so that more people are inspired to give, making conservation stronger.


Your gift to the Future Fund goes far further than you might think. You are protecting our natural world. You are growing hope for the future.

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